Cyara Audio Generation Devices: Constantly monitor voice quality for optimal service

With the Cyara Audio Generation Device (AGD), you’ll know of any issues with the voice quality over your phone lines. The AGD is a simple hardware device that plugs into the headset jack of an agent phone in your call center, measuring the voice quality of incoming and outgoing calls.

Cyara AGD benefits:

  • Improve voice quality delivered
  • Test voice quality in real time
  • Know whether your carrier is delivering SLA
  • Discover problems before your customer does
  • Identify source of voice quality issues

You invest a tremendous amount in your call centers from developing IVR and self-service capabilities, to training people who serve your customers. Cyara AGDs can help you ensure that your investment in connecting to your customer will pay off. Fill out the following form to download a copy of the Cyara Audio Generation Devices datasheet today.