Cyara Crawler

Cyara Crawler® Datasheet

Crawler is the automated IVR discovery tool in the Cyara Platform. Using DTMF, Crawler repeatedly dials into an existing IVR application, transcribes into text any menu prompts, extracts all possible calls to action at each level of the IVR’s design, and then plots all of the possible caller-IVR interaction outcomes it discovers in an interactive, easily-navigable flow chart. It is a world first.

Crawler also automatically outputs Cyara Test Cases in XML format, which can be imported and easily edited using the Cyara Platform — enabling more responsive, innovative updates to, and migrations of, an IVR system. Test Case files can also be exported and viewed in Microsoft Excel. Crawler exists as a hosted solution from the Cyara Cloud.

Features in Cyara Crawler

  • Integrates with the Cyara Platform for a short learning curve
  • Creates an editable, interactive map of your IVR
  • Enables you to drill down into individual call flows
  • Documents IVR prompts heard using speech-to-text
  • Supports time and date scheduling for discovery
  • Creates Cyara Test Cases and reusable testing Blocks

Crawler is the only solution to bring you these benefits:

  • Speeds innovation by automating discovery of your IVR applications
  • Eliminates up to 90% of effort for manual test creation
  • Replaces inaccurate documentation of your IVR applications with automated, accurate documentation
  • Lets you choose when to run a crawl

Download the datasheet to learn how Cyara Crawler helps you find out what's in your IVR before it affects your customer experience.