Cyara Cruncher: Make sure your IVR can handle the load with intelligent bulk load testing

Can your contact center handle an increase in call volume?

Normal call volumes are an everyday occurrence, but what happens when your call center experiences peak loads? With Cyara Cruncher and Cruncher Lite, you can verify under full load the performance of your voice processing systems, call center services, telephone lines, and other telephone related services.

Intelligent bulk load testing can help you ensure performance as follows: 

  • Create campaigns that reflect your call distribution
  • Reduce IVR and contact center testing
  • Build test cases using Cyara’s intuitive, online interface.
  • A software solution, Cruncher can scale to meet your needs

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Cruncher and Cruncher Lite are available to be deployed on premises or in a hosted environment, giving you the flexibility to meet your requirements. Cyara supports both TDM and IP environments. Cruncher Lite supports DTMF.

Don't let unusually heavy traffic derail your customer experience and your brand. You can be sure with Cyara Cruncher! Fill out the following form to download a copy of the Cruncher/Cruncher Lite datasheet today.