Cyara Endpoint: Know what your customers are hearing

Do you know what your customers are hearing when they call?

Cyara Endpoint identifies any voice quality issues over your phone lines. An Endpoint emulates an agent having a conversation with a “customer.” Used together with Cyara Pulse, Replay or Cruncher, Endpoint can simulate complete call scenarios from customer to agent and identify any degradation in voice quality on the lines.

Cyara Enpoint features:

  • Plug-and-play capability
  • Create conversations between virtual agents and customers for testing
  • Management through the Cyara Portal
  • Monitor voice quality real-time for calls
  • Provides voice quality scoring

Endpoints can also validate voice recognition services and use text-to-speech to emulate both the agent and the customer. Fill out the following form to download a copy of the Cyara Endpoint datasheet today.