Cyara HP QC/ALM Adapter: Easily integrate with the HP Quality Center ALM

Do you want to use Cyara and the HP QC/Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

With the HP QC/ALM Adapter, integration is no problem. The Cyara QC/ALM Adapter gives Cyara customers the ability to continue to use the QC/ALM while taking advantage of Cyara’s automated testing capabilities and user-intuitive interface. With the integration of the Adapter, Test Cases and results can be easily exported to the QC/ALM. 

Cyara HP QC/ALM Adapter features:

  • Native integration with HP Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management
  • Automated transfer of Cyara Test Cases and Reports
  • Communicates over standard HTTP
  • Repeatable and consistent process accommodates testing at any time
  • Native integration for HP Open Test Architecture (OTA) or REST APIs

Save time and effort while gaining the benefits of working with the Cyara Platform and the HP QC/ALM by eliminating the need for double work or custom development tools. Fill out the following form to download a copy of the Cyara HP QC/ALM Adapter Datasheet today.