Cyara Replay: Introduce development changes with confidence

Does new code introduce new issues development in your contact center?

Constant innovation is a reality in today's contact centers. But, with the pace of change and limited testing, rolling out new features can also introduce new problems that impact the customer experience. With Cyara Replay, you can eliminate the risk of negatively impacting unchanged parts of the system or applications when you role out new code.

Replay works by subjecting your IVR to a suite of user configurable tests to make sure the application is performing according to specifications. Based on the tests, Replay can ensure that any recent changes do not negatively impact other unchanged parts of the system or other applications.

Replay enables you to test each and every call flow of your application quickly, intelligently and efficiently and provides these benefits

  • Ensures that any recent modifications do not negatively impact other unchanged parts of the system
  • Benchmarks the performance of IVRs and associated contact center infrastructure
  • Provides the ability to define testing times and test cases to test specific scenarios
  • Enables migration to new contact center platforms quickly and at a significantly reduced cost for testing

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Cyara Replay can be deployed on premises or in a hosted environment, giving you the flexibility to meet your requirements. And, Cyara Replay is technology agnostic to work with any environment.

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