Take the Complexity Out of Testing Your Speech SLM

Cyara’s automated testing simplifies delivery of speech SLMs, providing a better experience for your customers. 

The goal of a Speech SLM is to provide a better customer experience, but the customer experience often falls short due to inadequate or incomplete testing. For example, many companies don't test beyond the speech vendor grammars, which usually means that they are not testing for dialects and accents.

Cyara has developed the expertise across hundreds of satisfied customers globally to manage this process efficiently and in a timely manner. Cyara SLM testing:

  • Improves customer experience
  • Improves operation efficiency
  • Validates the entire SLM process flow
  • Ensures performance under stress
  • Requires no system modifiction to your SLM

Cyara is a single, integrated solution that can be used to test every path callers can follow through the SLM in your IVR to ensure that customers are receiving the outcomes they desire from your automated systems, and with the superior customer experience. Get the datasheet today!