Customer Stories on Continuous CX Improvement

We live in a world where continual improvements in usability, functionality, and reliability from a product or service perspective are no longer complete guarantees of brand loyalty. 

With customer expectations at an all-time high, how can you deliver CX that meets and exceeds expectations in a way that also scales with your existing resources? Automated CX assurance is key.

Download Chapter 1 from Building a Better Customer Experience: True Stories from the Front Lines of Continuous CX Improvement to learn how companies are leveraging automation to work smarter, not harder.  You'll read how CX leaders are:

  • Eliminating manual testing from 70% of their IVR regression testing suite
  • Conducting full testing with only a few individuals rather than an entire team
  • Running automated test cases overnight with the push of a button


“Our team is spending very little time doing hard work; we have moved to doing smart work—getting the notifications and reacting to it, adjusting our test cases. Maintenance has become easy.” —Sandeep Singh, CGI