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Automation is the Key

Digital transformation is the way forward in customer experience. Businesses are identifying the need to develop digital solutions that improve internal efficiency and meet the CX demands of today’s consumers. However, repeatedly testing and monitoring all systems can drive up costs by consuming time, resources and manpower. The more manual testing is done, the more likely teams are to miss critical failures or even introduce additional errors.

Whether your company follows Agile, DevOps, or more traditional development processes, automation is the key to achieving faster release cycles, making better use of teams’ time and skillsets, and delivering a high quality CX.

Download Chapter 2 from Building a Better Customer Experience: True Stories from the Front Lines of Continuous CX Improvement to learn how CX leaders are:

  • Reducing testing time by 80-90%
  • Increasing operational efficiency by 20%
  • Eliminating the need to manually write thousands of test cases


“We are taking a big chunk of time out of overall release cycles.”

– Robert Sullivan, SVP of Shared Services, Agero