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See Cyara Call Explorer in Action 

The fast lane to flawless customer experience is here. No matter how you like to do your IVR testing – manually or automated – there’s never been a quicker, more efficient way to drive customer satisfaction.

Introducing Cyara Call Explorer!

Call Explorer is a Platform-level feature that will turbocharge your IVR testing and monitoring.

Whether your IVR testing teams prefer the control of a manual approach or the precision and convenience of autopilot, Call Explorer makes it easier to assure that the customer journeys you’ve designed give callers the best experiences possible without requiring you to change a thing.

Benefits of Automating IVR Testing with Call Explorer:

  • A fast, non-technical way to test IVRs
  • Automatic documentation of every test step
  • Easy test case tuning
  • Elimination of manual IVR test repetition
  • Intelligent, multilingual IVR support
  • Automatic generation of test scripts for future automated testing & monitoring campaigns
  • Standardized test cases with comprehensive data for faster defect detection, tracking & validation of resolutions