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March 2019

Feature Stories

Announcing the New Cyara Pulse Mobile App
With the brand new Cyara Pulse Mobile App, CX business and operations teams can monitor their customer experience systems across all channels, quickly identify problems, and accelerate issue resolution.
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Migration to Agile: How Bank of America Leverages the Cyara CX Assurance Platform
In this Q&A, hear from Scott Anderson, an expert in IVR quality assurance and testing at Bank of America, about how his team makes test automation so successful.
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New from the Cyara Blog: Thought Leaders Weigh in on DevOps for Customer Experience
We asked experts from around the world, including Dr. Nicole Forsgren and Accenture's Mirco Hering for their insights into how DevOps accelerates the software delivery of customer experience.
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New from the Cyara Blog: CX is the Lifeblood of all Enterprises
Getting CX right is not optional: it is expected. Delighting customers is great, but you need to make sure you cover the basics first. In this post, learn about the importance of meeting customer expectations.
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mar-articles-smiles How to Apply Agile and DevOps Principles to Accelerate CX Innovation
These days, it’s not enough for companies to offer quality products or services; they must deliver an exceptional customer experience. Read from Cyara's Amy Hudson on how in fast-changing environments, continual innovation on the front lines of customer service requires an agile and nimble approach.
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Is Your Organization’s Focus on Projects Hurting Efficiency?
Organizations may be overlooking a great opportunity to make their business more efficient: shifting their focus to product teams rather than project teams.
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Live Webinar with Forrester: Chatbots Headed Toward CX Fails
Companies that deploy chatbots with AI and think that the technologies will effortlessly delight their customers are in for a rude awakening. On March 28 (PST), join this webinar and hear Daniel Hong of Forrester Research share new research that finds that the state of chatbots today is sowing the seeds of discontent.
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DevOps Chat: Customer Experience and DevOps with Cyara’s Alok Kulkarni
In this podcast with, learn more about how DevOps can be leveraged in the customer experience arena.
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