Cyara Cruncher: Ensure Your CX Delivers, Even at Your Busiest

Can your contact center handle an increase in contact volume?

Your contact volume increases in times of high visibility, for example, when you launch a new product or take on additional customers as the result of a merger. Cyara Cruncher helps you be prepared for these high-pressure situations, assure your infrastructure after a system update or version upgrade, and also ensure that routine changes to your CX perform at scale.

Cruncher automatically generates thousands of customer calls, emails, or web interactions, simulating real-world customer contact and helping you verify that your systems work at scale.

You can simulate sustained traffic loads, sharp peaks, and controlled volume in tests that are easily configurable and repeatable. With Cruncher, you can test your systems at scale, and reduce the risk associated with CX changes, infrastructure replacements and upgrades.

Don't let unusually heavy traffic derail your customer experience and your brand.

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