Cyara Velocity: Achieve Speed with Quality in CX Innovation

How can you accelerate CX innovation while maintaining quality?

With channels and customer journeys proliferating, it’s hard to keep your CX ahead of customer demands. To accelerate the pace of innovation, and ensure quality, organizations are adopting DevOps and Agile development methodologies, and turning to automation.

Velocity accelerates CX by providing a collaborative environment that links the design of customer journeys through to the testing of these journeys to ensure they perform exactly as designed.

Velocity captures your CX design in a common hub, enabling all participants to use those details throughout the development lifecycle. With Velocity, you can:

  • Automatically create test cases based on the initial CX design, then automatically update them based on any design changes
  • Design and test journeys in voice and digital interaction channels, and even ensure that data input in any channel carries over to the agent

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