Cyara Pulse and Executive Dashboard + Cyara Mobile App

Manage and monitor your customer experience from the palm of your hand

Cyara Pulse is now even more powerful, with the new Executive Dashboard and Cyara Mobile App, giving you unprecedented access to information on your customer experience.


The New Cyara Mobile App

The new Cyara Mobile App will be available on your mobile device, so you can get up-to-the-minute status reports on your business’s CX, make operational decisions, and drill down to the source of an issue while on the go. The mobile-optimized Executive Dashboard display available in the App can be customized for each unique user, so business and technical stakeholders can filter the display for the CX metrics that are most relevant to them, and configure push notification alerts accordingly.


Executive Dashboard

The web-based Executive Dashboard is a highly configurable information asset that been adopted by managers, technical and business stakeholders, contact center wallboards, and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to provide an at-a-glance rollup of a 360-degree view of their CX. The Dashboard is configured to include a wide variety of aspects of the monitoring results from Pulse, as well as any other services that can be checked via a simple REST API call.


Cyara Pulse

Continuously monitor the availability and performance of your IVR and your contact center from a customer’s perspective with Cyara Pulse.

You've invested in an IVR and programmed your IVR to deliver positive customer experiences, but what happens when something goes wrong. Without the ability to immediately identify a problem, you can lose money as customers jump to more expensive agent-assisted calls or even to your competition.

Cyara Pulse monitors your IVR with simulated calls from the outside, just like real customer calls, and provides these advantages: 

  • Early detection of issues that could disrupt service 
  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces customer frustration
  • Ability to define testing times and test cases to test specific scenarios
  • Improves IVR containment rate 

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Cyara Pulse can be deployed on premises or in a hosted environment, giving you the flexibility to meet your requirements. And, Cyara Pulse is technology agnostic to work with any environment.

Monitoring your IVR performance protects your customer experience and your brand. Fill out the following form to download a copy of the Cyara Pulse datasheet today.