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International Survey Reveals Misalignment Between Business and IT Leaders

Many organizations today recognize the significant impact that digital transformation can have on strategic business goals. Adopting new digital technology and automation to replace non-digital or manual processes helps unlock a range of benefits, from improved customer experience to enhanced productivity and increased revenue.

In a survey conducted by Cyara, business and IT leaders worldwide shared their experience and attitudes surrounding key digital transformation milestones, revealing several areas where business and IT roles held dramatically different views.

Read the report to discover:

  • What are the top business benefits that organizations hope to achieve through digital transformation?
  • Who is most often considered the driver of digital transformation and customer experience initiatives?
  • Where are the greatest discrepancies between business and IT leaders’ views on digital transformation success, both globally and regionally?

And much more! Download your free copy of Cyara’s report, Are Executives Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses Around Digital Transformation?

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