Chatbots Are Quickly Becoming Key to Customer Experience

But They Can't Do the Job on Their Own

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent decades. Chatbots are leading the way, so much so that the customer satisfaction rate for chatbot-only interactions now exceeds 87%. Not too shabby for a technology that was once limited to the most basic customer service requests.

Still, bots that achieve their full customer experience potential don’t get there without a lot of fine-tuning. When that’s missing, you’re setting your CX up for failure. With the right tweaks, though, you can give your bots that human touch that sets the stage for great service.

Those tweaks include not only using the best AI technology but committing to quality assurance for your chatbots. And that means implementing a robust automated, continuous testing program to catch and correct #chatbotfails before they become #cxfails.

In this eBook, “Building Smarter Chatbots,” we make the case that a comprehensive testing strategy is an indispensable part of any chatbot program. To do that, we’ll:

  • Take you inside the mind of a chatbot to understand the technology that supports its intelligence and powers its communication
  • Survey the painful (but funny) landscape of #chatbotfails to see how they derail your CX goals
  • Paint a picture of a finely tuned chatbot and the benefits it can bring to your business
  • Lay out the key aspects of an effective chatbot testing program and how you can easily establish one


If you’re planning to add chatbots to your contact center’s CX mix (and you should), then this eBook is essential. It’s a quick read that will pay big dividends and help you get the most out of your chatbot solutions. Download it for free, read up, and start building smarter chatbots for your business today.

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