On Demand Webinar: How to Design and Test Successful New Contact Strategies with Martin Hill-Wilson and Cyara

The world has gone omnichannel. Customers want a consistent experience across channels. When customers view a company, they see one company, not different channels. Companies need to do the same and view customers holistically regardless of how many channels the customer engages. The only way for companies to deliver omnichannel journeys with perfect execution is to use a solution that performs automated omnichannel testing.

Listen to this 60 minute webinar (hosted by CCA) and hear Martin Hill-Wilson, Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement Strategist, and Chris Limm, Sales Director, Cyara discuss:

- The demand for and challenges in giving contact choice to five generations of customers
- Aligning customer and brand agendas
- Omnichannel design principles
- How to design a low risk, design-test-optimise workflow that supports your omnichannel transformation
- Getting new contact strategies right
- How automated testing can assure omnichannel journeys end-to-end