What Is a Realistic ROI of Transforming Your CX?

Learn how Cyara's commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study & custom-built calculators are helping to answer that question.

Are you trying to improve IVR and chatbot containment? What about improving IVR developer and tester productivity? Dive into the insightful findings from Forrester's Total Economic Impact study, showcasing the benefits Cyara customers experience - including a 334% ROI. Industry experts Bill LaRuffa (Director, Solutions Architect) and Max Traeger (Senior Account Executive) are hosted by Clara Eckel (Product Marketing Manager) as they share their knowledge and real-world success stories.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Key ROI Insights: Uncover the secret behind achieving a 334% return on investment.
  • Real-World Success: Learn from practical examples in insurance and pharmaceuticals.
  • Custom Solutions: Understand how Cyara's solutions can be tailored to your business needs.
  • Strategic Transformation: Gain insights into streamlining processes and reducing costs.


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