Nurture Navigating the New Normal Call Center Webinar (1)

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Navigating the New Normal Webinar

Navigating the New Normal for Call Centers
co-hosted by Cyara and McIntosh & Associates

The pandemic has shifted call center operations dramatically. A high percentage of call center agents will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. Finding effective strategies to manage agents is more important than ever. New quality assurance (QA) and testing methods are critical elements of the solution for this complex environment. Alternatives to the traditional approaches to agent scheduling are also crucial to address recruiting and retention concerns.

We are excited to host an all-star panel from McIntosh & Associates who will help us explore ways to successfully navigate some of the most sophisticated issues facing today’s call centers. Kelly Zunker, National Account Manager at Cyara, will moderate our session and also offer perspectives on technology and tools which can support your strategies. 

Our panel includes:

  • President and Managing Partner Beverly McIntosh, who brings multiple decades of experience in improving call center performance for American Airlines and as a consultant at EDS/A.T. Kearney Call Center Consulting
  • Partner and Managing Consultant Mandy Harshman, who joined Beverly at EDS/A.T. Kearney Call Center Consulting team and is a founding member of McIntosh & Associates
  • Partner and Managing Consultant Sarah Fox, a former Sprint engineer and a 20+ year veteran of the contact center industry