Free, No-Obligation GDPR Compliance Test for your Chatbot 

Ensure your chatbot is GDPR compliant with Cyara Botium

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important and globally- recognized data and privacy law from the European Union that applies to all data collection and processing tools, including chatbots. Cyara offers built-in GDPR Testing to keep your chatbot compliant with these regulatory bodies, to avoid the risk of any compliance penalties or exposure.

Sign up for FREE GDPR Compliance Testing with Cyara Botium, which includes: 

  • Thorough testing against the most common GDPR issues
    Understand the total number of data protection risks found in your chatbot.

  • Detailed Summary Report
    Review a downloadable summary of the test results, and schedule time with a Cyara expert to review your report findings.

  • 1×1 Session with a Cyara Expert
    Evaluate your GDPR vulnerabilities with a Cyara expert who will walk you through the test results and answer your questions.

  • No Impact to Performance or Workload
    Continue your normal chatbot operations while testing, without any interruption to service or customer experience.