Hello Fresh-3

Join us on Thursday 4 November 2021 

Remote agent engagement in challenging times
9:00 – 10:00am AEDT 

The CX workforce has changed forever. Organisations now need to reimagine how they deliver customer empathy and delight with an engaged and empowered workforce. To share ideas, we'll be interviewing business leaders from HelloFresh, Genesys and Cyara.

With a market cap of more than USD 13 billion, HelloFresh is one of the planet's largest online food retailers. We'll be speaking with Patrick Smith, Director of Workforce Planning to understand how his team leverages great culture, structured processes and technology innovations like Datagamz gamification to manage a 100% remote workforce.

Every year, Genesys delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organisations in over 100 countries. Andy Hardy, Director for Employee Engagement will discuss key industry trends and technologies shaping the Agent Experience landscape. As the world’s leading CX Assurance platform, Cyara is used by brands like Google, Telstra, Tesla and Westpac to deliver flawless customer experiences.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO at Cyara will talk to us about an exciting new technology innovation which will enable organisations to monitor real time agent experiences with their work from home devices, connectivity and voice quality to make sure they can continue to delight customers in an officeless environment.

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