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A Discussion on Business Resilience and the Impact on CX

In a world of ongoing systemic disruption, companies are under pressure to find ways to survive, adapt and grow. Business resiliency is essential for companies to rapidly adapt and respond to today's changing circumstances and deliver on their mission regardless of any kind of turbulence and disruption.  Watch this 30-minute webinar to explore:

How Business Resilience Enables Better CX
Fireside Chat with Cyara and our Guest, Forrester
On-Demand Webinar

In this fireside chat, Alok Kulkarni, Cyara CEO, and Riccardo Pasto, Forrester Senior Analyst, discuss how to apply CX principles to build strong relationships with customers, keep employees safe and productive, protect revenues and reputation, and recover quicker than competitors. This discussion will include findings from recent Forrester research including:

  • Consumers feel less optimistic that people and companies will follow through on the promises they make: Firms are looking for ways to build trust as consumers are less open and ready to engage with new experiences.

  • Today's global business environment makes companies both more susceptible and more resilient: It's hard to escape how much companies rely on employees and business partners to get things done and serve customers.

  • Even during turbulent times, forward-looking firms manage to deliver great CX: These leading firms play the long game for a purposeful customer-centric transformation by building essential CX management competencies.