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Forrester webinar: A Framework for your Digital Transformation

Webinar: A Framework for your Digital Transformation

Today, more than ever, businesses strive to deliver a customer experience that delights the customer, and differentiates them from their competition. This is no easy feat, as the technology that underlies a great customer experience is complex, and the needs of customers are constantly changing. To keep pace, businesses need to approach their digital transformation by modernizing their application development processes.

In this webinar, our guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, will walk us through Forrester’s Modern Application Development Model (MADM) and explain how MADM provides:

  • An understanding of all the aspects of a digital transformation and how they work together to provide seamless customer experience
  • A structure for cross-functional collaboration
  • Guidance on the commonly-forgotten but crucial aspects of any transformation, like testing.

MADM suggests a new organization, founded on mastery of practices, strong collaboration and autonomy, all based on Agile principles, and new technologies such as DevOps with focus on automation, cloud, low code and more. As part of MADM, testing needs to be continuous, smartly automated, and have stewards across the organization — from business to development. Whether you are just starting this journey or far down the path, we will provide a roadmap for your transformation going forward and discuss the fundamental pieces of this transformation to consider.

About Diego Lo Giudice
With Forrester since July 2005, Diego primarily contributes to and advises on Forrester's offerings for Application Development & Delivery Professionals. He partners with Forrester's global application leaders and is a leading expert on Software Development Lifecycle processes and practices, covering topics such as Agile development, Agile and Lean transformations, Agile development sourcing strategies and services, Agile testing practices and tools, DevOps, and software testing and quality, with a key focus on systems of engagement. His 28 years of industry experience, in addition to application development, allow him to give expert advice on change management programs for optimizing the overall modern application delivery process, execute technology management assessments, review technology management strategies, and make comparisons.