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Better CX with the Click of a Button

Automation offers many clear advantages that enable businesses to better serve the needs of their customers, from greater efficiency, to higher product quality, to overall gains in customer satisfaction. Time-consuming, manual IVR testing is an ideal candidate for automation that can free up hours of productivity every week. But moving away from a manual testing model requires businesses to lay out a clear path for implementing automation, with an understanding of which teams and processes will be impacted throughout the transition.

Listen to Christi Walters, Manager of Customer Success at Cyara, and Mark Shaw, Applications Manager at Assurant, as they discuss:

Making the Move from Manual to Automated Testing: Q&A with Assurant
15-Minute Video Interview – Watch On-Demand

During this session, Mark shares how Assurant successfully navigated their team’s move from manual to automated testing, including:

  • How Assurant approached the initial phase of building IVR and SMS test cases
  • Specific outcomes Assurant has achieved, including cutting testing time by 50%
  • Recommendations for businesses just getting started with test automation

You'll also get a quick overview of Cyara’s game-changing test case creator, Call Explorer,  soon to be released on the Cyara Platform.


Mark Shaw 1

Mark Shaw
Applications Manager

In his role at Assurant, Mark manages all IVR and softphone applications for several clients

Christi Walters

Christi Walters
Global Customer Success Manager

In her role at Cyara, Christi leads a team that supports the success of customers across the globe