Manage Regression Testing with
this Best Practices Approach

Keeping up with customer demands and outpacing the competition in today’s contact centers requires constant change. 

How Do You Manage Change?

Any change must be tested. Regression testing your IVR is a big job for your QA testers. In fact, many companies have over 1,000 test scripts for complete testing, but they may only have to run about 200 of these.

Now, There’s a Better Way

This white paper presents a best practice for writing test scripts using the Cyara Platform. This approach:

  • Significantly reduces the time required to write test scripts
  • Makes it much easier to identify where a change has been made
  • Speeds ramp up time when transferring a project to another QA resource
  • Enables test scripts to be written earlier in the development cycle when it is easier and cheaper to fix defects

A Cyara QA analyst developed this best practice approach working with a major airline customer on a project that required hundreds to test scripts to be written. Examples of savings from this project are included in the paper.

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