How to Design and Test New Contact Strategies
Maintain Flawless CX While Adding Channels
Test New Contact Strategies
The world of customer service becomes more complex by the year. There are more channels than ever. Just as we settle into the view that asynchronous text is the way forward, voice makes a comeback in the form of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI).
But adding new services and channels brings many challenges. You must ensure you offer customers sufficient value—enough to persuade them to change habits. As you test, tweak, and optimize new services, you also need to satisfy any internal concerns that the quality of customer experience is being compromised as the new services are being introduced. 
In this white paper, you will learn:
  • Challenges service leaders face when adding new channels
  • Redefining customer service
  • Designing and testing new contact strategies
  • The role of DevOps in software development

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