Register now, to join us online. The second session on Monitoring Your Environment will share insights on how to get the most out of Cyara's CX monitoring capabilities.  Do you know what your dashboards are really telling you?  Do you know if your long term CX picture is better or worse? What is one of the most overlooked features in the Cyara Platform to pay attention to?  Sign up now to attend Part 2.  If you missed Part 1, you'll get the On Demand link on the next page.


Title: Monitoring Your Environment (a.k.a. How am I Doing?) - Part 2
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 9:30am PST / 12:30pm EST / 5:30pm GMT
Speaker: Chris Ryan, Global Lead Instructor

We encourage you to sign up for the session and come prepared with with your questions. This is a forum for our CX Community to share their challenges so that together we can help you achieve your goals and deliver flawless CX.


The Xchange Online Forum is designed to ensure you maximize your investment and to learn more about the unique differentiation within our Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform. Cyara helps you deliver better CX with less effort, cost, time, and risk. But, “Software Provider” isn’t where we stop.

At Cyara, we partner with our customers to ensure they get the most value out of our solution and services, ensuring you have exactly what you need to deliver customer smiles, at scale. That’s the impetus behind our Xchange Online forums - hosted by our team of CX experts covering topics relevant to developers, architects, technicians, and contact center leaders. Together, let’s turn what we learn individually into a CX Community that thrives by sharing best practices and unique insights. 

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